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Catfidence Bamboo Cat Litter

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Confidence is 100% organic cat litter made from sustainable bamboo and certified 98% USDA Bio-Preferred. It has been tested to be 3 to 5 times more absorbent than clay litters. It has natural odor control and absorbency from the cellular structure of bamboo. There are no chemicals or additives for a safe environment for the pet, people, and the planet. One 7 lb bag is equivalent to 40 lbs of clay litter and lasts an entire month. It is lighter and is designed to last longer than traditional litter.
Introducing Catfidence, a 100% organic bamboo cat litter.

  • One 7 pound bag lasts an entire month and is equivalent to 40 pounds of traditional clay litter
  • Made from natural, sustainably-grown bamboo
  • Bamboo harvested from farms rather than harmful strip mining for clay

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Catfidence Bamboo Cat Litter

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