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Mr. Peanut's XL Pooper Scooper and BioDegradable Recycled Plant Based Waste Bags

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I always told Peanut he was at the top of the pile in poop, and these veggie waste bags are certainly worthy


  • HYGIENIC and BIODEGRADABLE - Each easy open, lightly lavender scented bag measures 13" x 11" inches (L x W), The bag handle allows to easily tie and seal. These bags are designed to fit The bags are quite environmentally friendly and are produced from vegetable waste.
  • LEAK PROOF bags fit easily over the head of the pooper scooper to enable you to pick up your pets waste and then dispose of it in the rubbish bin without any leaking, spillage or smell.
  • INCLUDED POOP BAG DISPENSER - The bag dispenser with leash clip is designed to clip together and be held in one hand, leaving you a free hand.
  • 160 waste bags, 10 bags per roll (16 total rolls) These bags are sturdier and thicker than standard bags at 15 microns.

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Mr. Peanut's XL Pooper Scooper and BioDegradable Recycled Plant Based Waste Bags

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